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Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader|


Translations in the description. Please excuse the Italian. 

You couldn't go back to that bench. 

There had to be some other way- you weren't going to sleep on that, especially when it was located in a park right behind a nightclub. Deciding to give up on that option, you sucked it up and continued to walk aimlessly on the streets. As you slowly walked past the many shops and restaurants, they all seemed to be much more enticing than you had remembered. 

Too bad you didn't have any money. 

"Now that I'm kicked out, where the hell am I supposed to go now?" you grumbled under your breath, infuriated eyes narrowed and darting in all directions. Each step you took took a toll on you, they managed to boot everyone out without providing any lunch, so basically you were lost and weak from lack of food. The contents inside of your shoulder bag clinked in a constant rhythm in time with your walking pace, now muting into a silence as you stopped to rest. You leaned on a parking sign and wiped the non-existent sweat off your forehead, then rolled your head backward to stare at the sky. 

You'd lost track of time- but the sky helped you out with that. It was around five in the afternoon, as apparent in the fluffs of clouds that were now soaking up some of the bright orange in the sky like cotton balls. You involuntarily smiled softly at the beautiful sky, thinking that maybe it wouldn't be so bad; at least you were going out more unlike the hours you spent inside by the television with all the other kids. Grabbing your bag by the bottom, you lifted it to ease your sore back from carrying it all day. 

After standing for around an hour or so, you returned on your journey to no particular destination. It was so silent that even your thoughts were louder than your surroundings. 

Maybe you had wandered into the outskirts of the town? Never mind that, everything was now tranquil, and you valued that. Maybe it was for your own good. Your ears were now very sensitive to any sound that entered them; and what sounded like a group of men nearby definitely alarmed you. Darting your eyes over to the corner, you spotted three thick, buff men dressed in black suits exchanging their glances between each other and the girl ahead of them, guess who? 

Returning your gaze to the footpath ahead of you, you dismissed them as strange businessmen. 

However, you immediately took that back when the sun started to set. At the moment the darkness engulfed everything that it touched, they started to walk faster and faster. There was no more of the sunlight that guided you around, but rather the cloak of the night that hid everything in it. Their footsteps grew even more prominent, and it seemed to thunder through your ears, alarming you to pick up the pace and start power walking away from them. Your heart was now racing; they never seemed to slow down despite having trailed behind you for a good minute. 

It would have been really awkward if they took a turn, meaning that you overreacted for nothing. 

Maybe you should take a turn and see if they follow. Swerving sharply to the right, your relief was cut short once your placed your foot down. 

A sharp pain exploded on the back of your head, spreading quickly to the rest of it and knocked you unconscious. Letting out a yelp, a brown mesh bag was thrown over your head, shutting you into darkness even faster than your eyes did. 


You awoke to the warmth of your breath that circulated in the small of the bag on your head. Soon, you weren't just suffocating from the heat, but eventually heard a couple of murmurs around you. Fluttering open your eyes, miniature dots of light seeped through the small gaps and was pretty much the only thing you saw. 

That was when everything came back to you, the streets, the men and something knocking on the back of your head. Linking everything together, you realized what had happened. Your heart leaped, body now struggling in the tight constraints of the ropes tightened around your torso. 

"Fermati! Fermati! Boss è in arrivo!" a voice hushed you, making you freeze from fear. 

"What the fuck did he just say?" you panicked to yourself. 

You stopped moving nevertheless, just in time before the creaking of a door was heard. Footsteps entered and you could sense someone walking in circles around you. You caught a whiff of Giorgio Armani cologne, somehow putting you to ease from the pleasant scent. Guess you spoke a little too soon. 

"Cosa ti avevo detto? Io sarò sempre troverò." he started, his low, velvety voice somehow surprising you. 

You were clever enough to figure out that he was speaking Italian, but definitely not smart enough to understand what he was saying. You played dumb, and sat there, because you were. 

"Perché così tranquillo? È perché abbiamo finalmente preso?" he continued. "Beh, fermarlo. Dimmi dove si trova, cagna!" he hissed the last word, making it sound more insulting than you thought it was. His voice roared into your ear, frightening you so horribly. You felt tears well up in your eyes and heat rush to your face, feeling like you were going to die. You were so confused and scared, there was some madman demanding you to respond when you couldn't even understand a word. 

You heard him cross his arms through his clothes, and decided to whimper out an answer the best you could. 

"U-uh... I'm sorry for what I did or didn't do, but I don't speak Italian!" you cried, so very wanting to wipe away the tears with your disabled arms. A deafening silence followed after, heightening the suspense that already started to eat at you. That was when the bag covering your face was ripped off, revealing your face. Your head rose slowly and cautiously, eyelashes glistening under the chandelier light from fresh tears. 

A couple of Italian curses were heard from behind you, but you didn't pay a mind to that. You were currently mesmerized by a beautiful set of olive eyes staring at you closely. You both stared at each other for a good twenty seconds before he pulled away and turned his back on you. You didn't quite catch his face, but he had a dark shade of brown for hair and he had a relatively smaller body frame compared to everyone else in the room. He placed two hands on the back of his head and appeared as though he was pondering over important matter. 

Turning your head over to the three behind you, they looked like they had just seen a ghost, face pale as white. The man in front of you raked through his hair with a hand and turned over to you, lingering his gaze on you. Red had rushed to his face and he was about to blow a fuse. 

"Che cazzo! Non puoi fare il tuo lavoro? È idioti!" he screamed, glaring at the figures standing behind you. 

"Mi dispiace, signore..." one of them murmured, head hanging low in guilt. He narrowed his eyes and spat on the ground, completely blinded by his rage. 

"Sorry is not going to cut it, yes?" he seethed in anger, making you sit up from the first words that you could actually understand. Your eyes now wide with both fear and hope, you stared at him like you were asking for release. 

"I'll take her to the shooting grounds..." another man sighed, reaching for the tight knot that restrained your arms. Flinching on the spot, your eyes widened at what he said. 

What did he mean by 'shooting grounds'? 

The man that stood in front of you indifferently whipped his head over him and marched over you two. 

"No! Non farlo." he firmly pressed, gripping the larger man by the arm. Flickering his gaze over to you, he couldn't bare to send you off to that place. 

"Then what do we do? Place her back on the road like nothing happened?" the man who held your arm remarked snidely. "You know we can't do that, signior," 

Now that ticked him off. 

"Don't fucking talk to me like that, bastard. I know we can't do that and we won't - you think I'm dumb like you? We won't clip her, but we won't release her." he snarled. 

All of these strange terms really frustrated you. You didn't know what was going on since they were speaking Italian before, and what did he mean by clip? Despite that, you knew that you weren't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Not that you had a place to return to anyway. 

He walked over to a nearby table and pulled out a drawer, picking up a thick dark grey cigar. Another suited man who stood by the door walked quickly over to him and fished out a lighter from his pocket to light it up. Taking the first few puffs, he shut his eyes tightly like he was thinking. You could only watch him in awe, even if he was just standing there. He was definitely something- despite his derogatory language, he was still very attractive; he had soft features and was very handsome. 

You were so hypnotized by him that you didn't realize that you've been staring. 

Lips curling into a smirk, he cracked open an eye and rolled it over to where you were currently seated. 

"Roma!" a loud cheery voice piped from the outside, making the smoker lose his cool and twist his body over to the door. Gritting his teeth tightly, he took the cigar with two fingers and pressed it harshly in a nearby ash tray. Taking long strides over to the door, he twisted the knob open to reveal a taller man wearing a red dress suit and black pants. 

Was everyone here taller than him? 

Eying them with curiosity, the one who was previously screaming at his men pushed the other back a few steps. 

"I told you not to interrupt me, tomato bastard!" he hissed, receiving a light chuckle in response. 

"Oh, I'm very sorry! I just couldn't help myself to see who you nabbed!" he said, his tone far too casual for your liking. Ignoring the shorter man's scoldings, he peered over his head to you and smiled brightly. With stars in his eyes, he pushed past his shoulders and ran over to you. 

"Oh mios dio, you didn't tell me you nabbed such a beautiful one!" he said, his forest green eyes staring into yours. "Are we going to keep her?" 

He rolled his eyes. "What do you think?" he spat sarcastically. 

You didn't know what to think. Judging from the room by itself, this group of men were definitely the ones you don't fuck with. There were smokers and gun-wielders around every turn... And how did the popular phrase go again where you're told who you aren't supposed to fuck with? 

The mafia. 

Fermati! Fermati! Boss è in arrivo - Stop! Stop! Boss is coming
Cosa ti avevo detto? Io sarò sempre troverò - What did I tell you? I will always find you
Perché così tranquillo? E 'perché abbiamo finalmente ottenuto - Why so quiet? Is it because we finally got you?
Beh, fermarlo. Dimmi dove si trova, cagna - Well, stop it. Tell me where it is, bitch
Che cazzo? Non si può fare il tuo lavoro - What the fuck? Can you not do your job?
Mi dispiace, signore - I'm sorry, sir
Non farlo - Don't do it

First chapter in the can. 

Special thanks to :iconbluebarnowl: for suggesting this story! 

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c)  Romano's Eyebrows by RanniaRazebasan
Next part --->  Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 2

Beauty and the beast |Mafia! Romano x reader| 2

The hard, polished marble floors of the mansion were almost too hard for what you were used to- it was only cheap carpet that seemed to consume your feet every time they sunk into them. Your legs were striding and trying to keep up with the man in front of you, whose hand was tightly wrapped around your wrist. Dragging you without any signs of slowing down, you passed by many hallways and rooms that could only pass by as a fast blur of warm lights. 
Your eyes were starting to feel the sting as the many lamp and different light sources burned on your pupils. Fortunately, he had seemed to slow down once he reached a wide brass door, the general appearance of the door even intimidating you a bit. 
Turning over to the seemingly gleeful man, you gave him eyes widened with fear. What could he had possibly led you to? A torture room? A dungeon? This incredibly hig

Image can be found here: E62d89425583d19c0a686d7ded8c7d64
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